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Why Have John Buy Your Car?

John Clay Wolfe

John Clay Wolfe has bought over 87,000 cars since entering the business after graduating high school in 1991. John created to give you a true trade-in offer option versus dealerships. JCW will put your trade-in RIGHT ON THE MONEY. You don't have to sell your car to the dealer anymore, you can sell us your car online, right now... for more!

Kelly Blue Book, NADA Guide, and Black Book are not car buyers, they simply give opinions. "Those silly books are guides designed to help dealers make money from public... my book is a CHECK BOOK," said Wolfe, "I play the market, not what some silly book says... people don't realize KBB is owned by the largest car dealer in the country, literally... It's just a fact...The market is the real money, and I have the money to pay market...imagine meets Wall Street with Dominoes pizza style delivery (pick up in their case), that's what we do here @ Just put your VIN* in the box and press enter"

Wolfe continued, "our systems today decode the VIN's, so dealers text VIN #'s while trading cars among one another... The non-dealer public is smarter than most dealers understand, and they will quickly adapt to the same method... When Suzy Q Smith sends me her VIN #, miles, and a brief description my system generates a HARD BUY FIGURE for her in seconds. We then email her an offer after myself or a manager double checks our system offer".

GIVE ME THE VIN™ is JCW's way of inviting the public into the licensed dealer world. Giving the consumer a better alternative against low ball trade offers from the dealership. JCW's bid will also be honored at many franchise dealerships as an "IN & OUT". Read our FAQ page for more detail.

If it rolls and runs, and is not complete junk... JCW buys it. He is the of car buyers, and wants to buy your car. If you are a skeptic, please click here to read GMTV’s reviews on Better Business Site. Cruise around the site, media, in the news and reviews and you’ll get the vibe of what makes us special. After you clearly understand you have come to the right place, put your VIN in box, and press GO. We look forward to doing business with you.

If you would like to hear John live bid on cars, tune into John Clay Wolfe's syndicated radio show delivered on WestWood 1 for the past ten years. With some entertaining news, interviews and on the air personalities for fun. Bidding on cars during showtime John's 100% business. (read more about JCW in WikiPedia)

*A VIN # (VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER) is the 17 digit serial number that comes with your car. The VIN is found on dash below inspection sticker, and a sticker in the driver doorjamb. Those 17 digits contain the information we need on factory build codes, year model, engine size, equipment options, and more. Ford Trucks, Dodge Trucks, and Nissan products do not decode fully, so know that comment box is important. Tell us options like COLOR, NAVIGATION, SUNROOF, LEATHER, KING RANCH, STICK SHIFT, LONG BED SINGLE WHEEL OR DUALLY. The VIN will get us close, but we still need you to fill in details. ONLY YOU know the problems with your car, so please be HONEST in your description. If it has hail, then write HAIL DAMAGE in the comments field. Even if it clunks when you put it in reverse, be upfront. Discussing any problems at the beging of the process makes life easier than re-hashing price because of non-disclosure.


Disclaimer: All bids and appraisals are based on your description of your vehicle. When arriving at a GIVE ME THE VIN™ affilliate to sell or trade your vehicle, the unit will be inspected by the dealer. All phone calls that are aired on Radio, TV or the internet are recorded. The recorded description you give of your vehicle is availible to all GIVE ME THE VIN™ afilliates to reconfirm both your description of the vehicle and bid you received.