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Sell your car to GivemetheVIN for a stress-free and hassle-free experience. All you need to do is enter your 17-digit VIN or license plate number to get an offer from our team. No haggling of prices. No unnecessary sales talk. Just a swift and straightforward process that exceeds expectations.

How Selling Your Car To GiveMeTheVin Works

Selling your car doesn’t need to be stressful, we make it simple!

1. Get the Offer


To sell your car online with GivemetheVIN, you need to submit your car’s information, such as the VIN, license plate number and mileage. We also need photos and a description of your car.

Our team will call you 15 to 30 minutes after you submit your information.

2. We Pick-up or You Deliver



After coming to an agreed price for your car, we can set a delivery or pick-up date. Our team can pick up your vehicle at your most convenient time, or you can deliver the car to any of our offices near your location.

3. Close the Deal


To sell your car online and close the deal, our team’s mechanic needs to inspect your vehicle. We will also need to take it on a quick test drive to get a feel for your vehicle. 

If your car passes the inspection, you’ll get a check you can take to any Bank of America to get your cash.

Why Sell Your Car to GivemetheVIN, Tulsa, OK

“Yes it’s true – we’ll pay you $100 for the last look on your car!”

We understand selling your car for cash can be difficult in Tulsa, OK, with a very competitive market. You’ll have to go through the laborious process of posting your car for sale and meeting multiple interested parties. Further, there are no guarantees that you can sell your car immediately. The best way to sell your car in Tulsa is through the easy and hassle-free online process provided by GivemetheVIN. Our team has over 28 years of industry experience, and we can give you a fair valuation of your vehicle. We can also match anyone’s offer. If not, we’ll mail you a $100 check for the chance to beat our competitor’s deal. Here are some more reasons to do business with GivemetheVIN:

We Beat CarMax Offers:

Get Paid on the Same Day::
We Buy All Sorts of Vehicles:

GivemetheVIN is the best place to sell your car because we provide the best deals. If you give us a chance, we will beat a CARMAX offer.


 If we can’t beat their offer after you allow us to do so, we’ll mail you a check worth $100.

We pay you with a live check, which is the safer option, instead of carrying a lot of cash. 


If your car passes our mechanic’s inspection, we’ll sign your check, which you can take to any Bank of America on the same day.

We have bought a variety of vehicles from satisfied customers. Our team is constantly looking for cars, RVs, ambulances, ATVs and bikes. 

We also buy anything that runs on tracks. Give us time to send an offer for these vehicles since they take longer to process.


What Our Customers Say

- Irma Aldasoro
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“Great experience. I was offered a fair price for my car. Blake made the whole process so simple. I took my car to one of their locations and received my check right away. No hassle, true to their word. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to sell their car hassle free. Thank you Blake.”
Christian “Ducatismo” Sendra
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“Went with [GivemetheVIN] after my brother sold his car and shared his experience. There’s other options out there such as Carmax but give me the Vin it’s just simple. Gave me a very reasonable offer for my car. After two signatures they cut me a check. Hey n and out in 15min. Doesn’t get any better than that.”
- Seree Whitlow
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“A great, trustworthy group of people! We have sold two cars to them, and everything was as smooth as butter! They are very dependable, and always timely! Be sure and check them out for your used vehicle.”

Tips On Selling Your Car in Tulsa

  1. Learn more about the Tulsa car market to understand local buyer needs.

  2. Take detailed pictures of your car and highlight all the details.

  3. Don’t settle for the current fair market value. Get an accurate valuation of your vehicle.

  4. Use multiple sales channels to find more prospective buyers.

  5. Always compare offers from multiple parties interested in your car.

  6. Be upfront about any damage or repairs needed.

  7. Prepare all the necessary documents beforehand.

  8. Choose a buyer with a good reputation and track record with the BBB.

  9. Always negotiate for a better price and bring up your vehicle’s features that boost its value.

  10.  Choose a buyer who can make the sales process much more manageable.

FAQ in Tulsa, OK

No, you don’t have to pay taxes in Tulsa when you sell your vehicle. On the other hand, car buyers need to pay an excise tax, which is 3.25% of the purchase price.

The best online car buyer in Tulsa is the one who can give you an outstanding offer for your car within minutes. At GivemetheVIN, our specialists can give you an accurate valuation within 15 to 30 minutes after receiving your car’s information.

It can take over 34 days to sell your car through the usual channels. However, at GivemetheVIN, we can process your deal within the day and pay you as soon as your car passes our mechanic’s inspection.

The Tulsa DMV requires several documents, such as your car’s maintenance records, Odometer Disclosure Statement Form 729, Declaration of Vehicle Purchase Price Form 722-1, and your car’s original certificate of title.

The best way to sell your car online is through GivemetheVIN’s online channels. We provide a straightforward process that offers you an excellent car offer within the day.

Spring and summer are generally good seasons for car sales because people are more likely to purchase a vehicle for road trips, vacations and the like. It’s also a good idea to sell just before a new model comes out.

To sell your car, you need to enter your car’s VIN, zip code and mileage. Next, upload pictures of your car and submit a description of your vehicle.

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All bids and appraisals are based on your description of your vehicle. When arriving at a GIVE ME THE VIN™ affiliate to sell or trade your vehicle, the unit will be inspected by the dealer. All phone calls that are aired on Radio, TV or the Internet are recorded. The recorded description you give of your vehicle is available to all GIVE ME THE VIN™ affiliates to confirm both your description of the vehicle and bid you received.

Business offices at dealerships are closed on Saturdays. We will gladly transact your deal on a Saturday, but checks can only be issued on business days. All radio shows are recorded and any discrepancy can be resolved by audio replay. We request that all auto dealers identify themselves immediately, either on-air or on the Web. Failure to do so may result in your bid being invalid. Visit the blog for recent news or comments. John’s personal email is Email him anytime for advice or questions regarding your vehicle concerns.

Transaction Examples

Example 1

Sell us your car and the bid is $25,000, but your payoff is $5,000. We would cut you a check for $20,000, and you would sign a Bill of Sale and a Power of Attorney for us to pay off the title with your bank.

Example 2

Sell us your car and the bid is $25,000, but your payoff is $30,000. You would sign a Bill of Sale and a Power of Attorney selling us your car. In addition, you would need to include a $5,000 check to cover your negative equity.

Example 3

Sell us your car and the bid is $25,000, and you own your car free and clear. You would sign Bill of Sale and Power of Attorney and receive a check for $25,000.