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Las Vegas, Nevada

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So, you’ve made the decision to sell your car in Las Vegas. Whether you’re upgrading or in need of an early payday, we won’t pry! Regardless, we are experts in the Las Vegas used car market, committed to providing you with an outstanding and well-informed experience. We understand the Las Vegas used car market better than anyone else. So weather you’re looking for a car to cruise down the strip or take a drive into the desert, we’ve got your back!

If you’re in Las Vegas and seeking a hassle-free car selling experience with a top-dollar return, you’re in the perfect spot! Our dedicated team is here to ensure a seamless process right in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada. Specializing in online car transactions, we guarantee the best deal possible. In fact, we’re so confident that we pledge to beat any Carmax offer, or we’ll give you $100 if we cant.

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How Selling Your Car To GiveMeTheVin Works

Selling your car in Las Vegas doesn’t need to be stressful, we make it simple as a stroll down the Strip!

1. Get the Same-Day Offer

To make a deal, all you need to do is to enter your used car’s VIN, mileage, and accurate details, description, and photos of the vehicle.

Our team will assess the information and get back to you within an hour with an incredible offer for your car.

This process is 100% online in your own time, no talking to sales people or private buyers.

2. We Pick-up or You Deliver

After an offer is made and a price is agreed upon, you can choose to deliver your car or have our team pick up your vehicle from anywhere in Las Vegas.

GMTV has offices in multiple locations nationwide. We can send our team to meet with you to pick up your car if there’s no office near you. Thats right – we’ll pick up your car for free!


3. Close the Deal


Our team will meet you on the pickup date to inspect your vehicle. If everything checks out according to the condition of your car, we’ll sign your check and get you paid! 

Why Sell Your Car to GivemetheVIN, Las Vegas, NV?

“Yes it’s true – we’ll pay you $100 for the last look on your car!”

We eliminate the hassle of selling your car for cash in Las Vegas, NV. Our team of verified car buyers handles over $1 billion in car purchases annually, establishing us as the most reliable car buyer/seller in Las Vegas, Nevada. To enhance convenience, we’ve designed a seamless process to simplify the car-selling experience. Once you submit the VIN and other details, anticipate a response from us within half an hour. We’ll verify the information you provided about your vehicle and present you with the best offer in the Las Vegas used car market.

Sell your car online in Las Vegas
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Easy Online Process

At GMTV, we have created a simple, seamless process. As a result, selling your car for cash in Las Vegas has never been easier.


We can process your deal within the day and we’ll contact you with an offer within a few minutes. In addition, you can send a counteroffer and negotiate your car’s price.

Sell your car from the comfort of your home, no sales people, no fussy buyers, just fill out our form and you’ll hear from us within the hour!

We Buy Cars With Payoffs:

Sellers with loans on their vehicles often find it difficult to sell their cars. At GMTV, we can buy cars that still have payoffs on them! 

We specialise with buying used cars that have loans, payoffs, or monthly payments. You’ll still make money on this deal, call us and we’ll give you more details.


We Can Beat Someone Else’s Offer:

Our team will give you an honest valuation of your vehicle, and we’ll provide you with the best price for your car.

If a competitor has given you a quote, we can match or beat that quote and still offer you a better deal for your vehicle.

You can also send a counteroffer and negotiate. We promise to work together to get you the best deal possible. 

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Your Used Car
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We know the Las Vegas Used Car Market

When it comes to the used car market in Las Vegas, no one is more reliable than GivemetheVIN! We have a deep understanding of this market and are committed to ensuring that you receive the best deal for your car.

Rely on us to lead you through a seamless process and secure the best deal available for selling your car in Las Vegas today.

Just fill out our form and you’ll hear from us within the hour!

Dont sell your car privately- avoid used car scams! 

Selling your car independently in Las Vegas can be a significant challenge, especially with the increase of used car scams. Dealing with buyers who vanish, facing undercut offers, and spending countless hours negotiating with individuals who never follow through can be frustrating.

On average, a private car sale in Las Vegas takes 24-34 days, but your time is valuable. Avoid the hassle and potential scams by choosing a reliable platform like GivemetheVIN to sell your car for cash today.

What Our Customers Say

Tips On Selling Your Car in Las Vegas, NV

  1. Research the used car market in Las Vegas, including popular vehicles and price ranges.
  2. Determine a fair market value of your car, so you’ll have a starting price point to negotiate.
  3. Select the best payment option that suits you, including Zelle, checks and PayPal.
  4. Sellers must have all the essential paperwork, such as a signed title, a current smog check and a state inspection certificate.
  5. Determine the lowest acceptable price for your vehicle. If the buyer negotiates for a lower price, move on to the next buyer.
  6. Get a presale inspection done on your vehicle before listing it for sale in car markets. This information will equip you with the details that buyers may ask about your car.
  7. Plan for a test drive and choose to conduct it in populated areas. In addition, make your insurance cover other drivers.
  8. Protect your personal information when handing over your vehicle service records. Make sure to block your credit card numbers, phone numbers and other sensitive information.
  9. Before handing over your vehicle to the buyer, remove the license plates and stickers at the time of the sale.
  10. After your sales transaction, you may be required to submit your plates to your local DMV, effectively canceling the car’s registration in your name

FAQ For Selling Your Car in Las Vegas, NV 

According to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, the buyer should pay a sales tax of 6.25 percent of the vehicle’s final sales price. There is also a Use Tax, which is 6.25 percent of the sales tax minus any tax credits. However, if the buyer is a new state resident and the vehicle is purchased outside of Texas, a $90 New Resident Tax is paid instead of a Use Tax.

It can take around two to four weeks to sell your car in Las Vegas, NV. However, at GMTV, we can close the deal in a few days with just a few simple steps.

The best online buyer in Las Vegas, NV, is the one that can offer you a better price, usually higher than its fair market value. Also, remember that aftermarket parts and other custom features can improve the price of your car.

GivemetheVIN provides you with a hassle-free, fast and convenient online sales process. You also get the best deals for your car. We have over 28 years of industry experience, making us the most trusted online car buyer/seller in Los Vegas, NV.

It can take around two to four weeks to sell your car in Las Vegas, NV. However, at GMTV, we can close the deal in a few days if you provide all the necessary paperwork.

Submit your car’s information, including its VIN, mileage, description and photos. Prepare all the necessary paperwork and then negotiate the best price for your vehicle.

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