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Sell your car to GivemetheVIN for a stress-free and hassle-free experience. All you need to do is enter your 17-digit VIN or license plate number to get an offer from our team. No haggling of prices. No unnecessary sales talk. Just a swift and straightforward process that exceeds expectations.

How Selling Your Car To GiveMeTheVin Works

Selling your car doesn’t need to be stressful, we make it simple!

1. Get the Offer


We don’t  have to see your car in person. For you to get an offer, we simply need photos of your vehicle and a few pieces of information about its color, condition, make and model. 

To send your application for an offer, enter your VIN in the form above and include the odometer reading as well as your zip code. On the next page, fill out the required fields and be as detailed as possible when describing any upgrades or damage to your car. 

We will do a preliminary review and send you a range offer. You’ll receive it within 15 to 30 minutes if you send your application during office hours. 

If the amount looks good to you, a member of our team will review your information again and send you an exact offer in 24 hours or less.

2. We Pick-up or You Deliver


Once you are satisfied with the offer, the next step is choosing between curbside service or an in-office transaction. 


If you opt for curbside, simply let us know the date and time that’s most convenient for you. We’ll then have an evaluator head to you and your vehicle’s location to ensure it matches the description you sent. This is a quick process, and once it’s done, we will give you your check in return for the title to your car. 


Prefer to deliver your car personally? No problem. We have several locations nationwide. Call us at 800-249-1095, so we can give you directions to the one nearest you.


3. We Accept Any Vehicle


We take pride in ensuring our customers get their money as quickly as possible. For this reason, we immediately fund payouts so you can go straight from receiving your check to cashing it in or depositing it at your local Bank of America. 


What’s more,  we don’t pay using bank drafts that take several days to clear. 


Some people prefer being paid by cash. However, this puts our customers at risk. Selling your car for cash means traveling with a lot of money in your wallet, with no protection whatsoever if it gets lost or stolen. We prefer to pay via check as it’s safer for our customers as well as our drivers and staff.


Why Sell Your Car to GivemetheVIN in Indianapolis, IN

“Yes it’s true – we’ll pay you $100 for the last look on your car!”

Thinking, “how do I find a buyer if I want to sell my car in Indianapolis, IN?” Look no further. At GivemetheVIN, we want to buy your car.  We’re willing to pay $100 for the privilege of the “last look.” 


If you’ve received an in-store offer from CarMax, reach out to us. We’ll either beat their price or give you $100 for giving us the opportunity to match it. 


We have been buying and selling vehicles for more than two decades. Over the years, we’ve learned that the best way to give our customers value and build lasting relationships is to give them a fair price for their vehicles and provide exceptional customer service. When you choose us to buy your vehicle, you can depend on us for a stress-free experience that ends happily for all parties, leaving you with a check in your hand and a title in ours. 

Trustworthy Buyer:

Fair Valuation:

Negotiable Offers:

We’re a reliable, honest company, but don’t take our word for it. Countless customers have sold their cars to GivemetheVIN and plan to do so again! We pay with a check drawn at Bank of America that can be deposited immediately.

You shouldn’t have to resort to selling your car for cash at a price that’s much less than it’s worth, even if you need funds in a hurry. At GivemetheVIN, we are known for our competitive offers that are often much higher than those from our competitors.

In the unlikely chance you’re not satisfied with our offer, feel free to let us know. While we work hard to accurately assess vehicle value before we make our first offer, we are open to continuing negotiations on a case-by-case basis.

What Our Customers Say

Art Reyes
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“Extremely happy with my transaction. The process was easy and quick. The staff was kind and helpful. The offer was more than any other I researched.”
David Neel
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“This place is NOT too good to be true. It’s real. Don’t even bother with your trade-in, just contact these people. It couldn’t have been easier.”
L. O. Nelson
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“Everything they claim to provide is true. Within 24 hours from keying in my data on their website, my vehicle was picked up and I had a check in my hand.”

Tips On Selling Your Car in Indianapolis, IN


  1. Collect your paperwork, including the vehicle title, maintenance records and insurance documents, and review them. Not only will you need them when you find a buyer, but the information they provide will also help you price your car accurately.

  2. Analyze the local car buy-and-sell market. This will help you see if there’s a demand for the kind of vehicle you have.

  3. Use online vehicle valuation tools to determine the baseline pricing of vehicles like yours and identify the lowest price you can be satisfied with. 

  4. Clean your car’s interior and exterior thoroughly as well as fix minor dings and scratches. If you can, consider having it detailed.

  5. Take several pictures of your vehicle’s exterior and interior and upload them to your listing. Make sure they’re clear and taken in well-lit areas.

  6. Be as detailed and honest as possible about your vehicle’s condition. This will help you avoid the hassle of having a buyer back out of a deal once they see your car in person. Plus, potential buyers appreciate honesty.

  7. Create a short list of car-buying companies and request offers from each of them so you can compare.

  8. Consider prioritizing buyers that are willing to pay with a check. Bank drafts take several days to clear, while cash payments are risky if a large sum of money is involved.

  9. If an offer is too low, consider negotiating with the potential buyer. Otherwise, it may be best to look elsewhere.

  10. Before accepting an offer from a car buyer, make sure they’re legitimate and trustworthy. One way to do this is by reading reviews on Google, social media and the Better Business Bureau website.

FAQ in Indianapolis

The state of Indiana charges a seven percent sales tax on all vehicle purchases. However, this is paid for by the buyer, so you will not pay taxes when you sell your car in Indianapolis, IN.

We are definitely working hard to be! GivemetheVIN is a step ahead of competitors in many respects. Apart from our “Last Look” guarantee, we also offer fast, friendly service, fair valuation and offers as well as a seamless, online transaction.

It depends. If you sell your car to us, we can send you a range offer within 15 to 30 minutes and an exact offer in 30 minutes. The entire process, from offer to payment, typically takes just a few days.

You will need an Indiana certificate of title, with your name and signature in the seller section. You’ll also need a pre-sale inspection form, which you can get from a Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMW) location near you.

You can put it up for sale on places like eBay Motors, but a better option is to sell to GivemetheVIN. With us, you won’t have to wait weeks or even months for potential buyers to reach out to you. We provide immediate offers and close deals in a matter of days.

The right time to sell a car isn’t the same for everyone, and a lot of factors, from seasons to your car’s mileage, come into play. Generally, it’s recommended to sell a car during spring and summer, when people are on the market for new vehicles. Also, you might want to consider selling your car before a new version of it is released. New models generally drive down

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