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Sell your car to GivemetheVIN for a stress-free and hassle-free experience. All you need to do is enter your 17-digit VIN or license plate number to get an offer from our team. No haggling of prices. No unnecessary sales talk. Just a swift and straightforward process that exceeds expectations.

How Selling Your Car To GiveMeTheVin Works

Selling your car doesn’t need to be stressful, we make it simple!

1. Get the Offer


GivemetheVIN has a straightforward buy-and-sell process that can be done entirely online. The VIN contains relevant information about your car, including its model, engine size and manufacturing year. 


We use these details to come up with an acceptable price range we offer to you. We can get back to you on regular business days within a couple of hours after you’ve sent your VIN to us. Then, it’s up to you whether you accept our offer or negotiate for a better price.

2. We Pick-up or You Deliver


Our offers are valid for 24 hours. Once you accept the bid, you can choose whether you want us to pick up your vehicle or you drop it off at one of our locations. Our vehicle collection service is free, and we do pick-ups anywhere in the U.S., except for Alaska and Hawaii. 


We know it’s difficult to shift things around in your schedule, so we created this service to create a hassle-free and seamless client experience for all our sellers.

3. Close the Deal

GivemetheVIN’s favorite quote is “Fast pay equals lifelong friend,” and we ensure we offer a fast payment process unlike any used car buyer in the market. When you sell your car to us, you get paid upon pick up with a live check which you can immediately cash at the nearest Bank of America. You don’t have to wait several days before you get your money! This is very different from other car dealers, who are known to issue a “draft” that resembles a check but is not cashable.

Why Sell Your Car to GivemetheVIN

“Yes it’s true – we’ll pay you $100 for the last look on your car!”

Tell us if you receive an offer from another used car buyer, and we will beat it or guarantee to mail you a $100 check if you give us the “Last Look” opportunity. We want to buy your vehicle, and we won’t miss it for any amount of money.

Here are some other things you can expect from us if you sell your car to GivemetheVIN:

28 Years Experience::

Accepts Any Vehicle::
Over 300,000 Cars Bought::

GivemetheVIN has been in the car wholesale industry for over 28 years. Our owner and CEO, John Clay Wolfe, entered the business soon after graduating high school and has completed countless dealer-to-dealer transactions all over the country since then. 


So when you sell your vehicle to us, you know you are transacting with a buyer that is extremely knowledgeable of the industry.

Aside from cars, we also buy other vehicles such as buses, trucks, vans, RVs, ATVs, trailers, old ambulances and motorcycles. We even accept heavy machinery if you have any you want to sell. 


For example, our team recently bought a backhoe from a seller, and we completed that transaction without a hitch. As long as it runs on wheels, we are willing to buy it!


Since our inception, GivemetheVIN has bought over 300,000 used vehicles. We know cars and people very well, and John Wolfe can even give a fair offer for your automobile based solely on a verbal description.


In addition, our bids are also open for negotiation as long as it is within a reasonable price range. Our team is always available to accommodate you, so feel free to reach out.

What Our Customers Say

- Riyaz Mohiuddin
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“This is a legitimate and worthwhile service. Worked with Jose and Michelle who were very communicative and clear, and really helpful. They want to make sure you get the best deal that you can. Definitely look into it if you're wanting to sell your car. It was really worth it for me, and pretty easy too.”
- Greg Becker
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“GVM was a flawless experience. From the time I met with Jose who made the offer to buy my car to the drop off date. I would recommend GVM the best way to sell your vehicle without the hassle and get top dollar. Thanks Jose.”
- John S.
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“This is my 3rd car sold to give me the vin, all with Jeff Martin! A fast, easy and seamless process. He was great at walking me through the process. So much better than dealing with the dealership.”

Tips On Selling Your Car in East Rutherford

  1. Do some research on the used car market in East Rutherford.

  2. List down notable names of used car buyers.

  3. Gather as much information as possible about the buyers.

  4. Choose a used car buyer that has a successful track record.

  5. Decide on a fair price for the car you are planning to sell.

  6. Ask about the buyer’s payment processes.

  7. Be 100% transparent about your vehicle’s condition.

  8. Negotiate their offer if you want to.

  9. Hand over the car’s title and collect payment.

  10. Finalize the deal.

FAQs in East Rutherford, NJ 

You may need to pay a 6.6 percent sales tax when you sell your used car in East Rutherford. If you have further questions about this, reach out to our team.

GivemetheVIN is the go-to buyer for used cars in East Rutherford. Just give us your VIN, and we will provide you with an offer you can’t refuse.

The entire transaction can be completed in as little as two days with GivemetheVIN, but this is still subject to change. Numerous factors contribute to the length of the deal, but we always aim to finalize everything in under a week.

Selling your car requires the vehicle’s registration and title. We will also need one form of official identification of the seller.

You can start by visiting to sell your car online in East Rutherford.

Selling your car for cash is so easy with GivemetheVIN. We only need your VIN, photos of the vehicle and a description of its current condition.