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There’s no simpler, faster, or more efficient way to sell your car in Chicago than with GivemetheVIN!

Input your details, and on the same day, get an exceptional offer from our team. 

Following that, we’ll personally come to your location, pick up the car, and present you with a generous check. Selling your car online has never been easier.

No negotiating over prices. No unnecessary sales pitches. Just a seamless and easy process that surpasses all other car-selling services in Chicago.

Choose GivemetheVIN for a hassle-free and stress-free experience when selling your car online.

Trying to Sell Your Car Online?

Selling your car in Chicago? It doesn’t have to be difficult and time consuming. Whether you’re upgrading or in need of an early payday, we won’t pry! Regardless, we are experts in the Chicago used car market, committed to providing you with an outstanding and well-informed experience. We understand the Chicago used car market better than anyone else. So whether you’re looking for a car to navigate the city streets or embark on a scenic lake drive, we’ve got your back!

If you’re in Chicago and seeking a hassle-free car selling experience with a top-dollar return, you’re in the perfect spot! Our dedicated team is here to ensure a seamless process right in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. Specializing in online car transactions, we guarantee the best deal possible. In fact, we’re so confident that we pledge to beat any Carmax offer, or we’ll give you $100 if we can’t.

We buy used cars FAST
We get YOU the cash

How Selling Your Car To Givemethevin Works

Selling your car online doesn’t need to be stressful, we make it simple!

1. Get the Offer

At GiveMeTheVin, we’ve made selling your car online for cash in Chicago a breeze with our straightforward process.

Your deal can be processed in just a day! Simply input the details of your car online, and you’ll receive our offer within a few minutes.

No need to deal with pushy salespeople or picky buyers—just complete our form from the comfort of your home, and we’ll get in touch with you within the hour!

2. We Pick-up or You Deliver


You can drop off your vehicle at our location or choose to let us pick it up from wherever you are in the country. We have offices all over the U.S. and can easily arrange a vehicle collection for free. That’s right, we’ll pick up your car for free!

You don’t have to cancel plans to accommodate us because we will come at a date and time that is convenient for you. You don’t even have to clean your car before turning it over because we are more than happy to take it no matter what state it is in!

3. Close the Deal

During the vehicle collection day, we will quickly assess the vehicle to match it to your description. Once everything is verified, we will hand over a handsome cheque. That’s it! We pay with live checks, which means you can immediately cash it at your nearest bank.

Our payment method sets us apart from our competition, which often issues a non-cashable bank draft that is for deposit only and requires several days of processing. 

Why Sell Your Car to GivemetheVIN, Chicago, IL

“Yes it’s true – we’ll pay you $100 for the last look on your car!”

It’s hard to beat GivemetheVIN regarding industry experience and dedication to providing the best possible service. We want to buy your car and are willing to beat the price our competitors offered you. We will even mail you a $100 check if you give us the “Last Look” opportunity on your vehicle. That means you let us give you the final offer on your car so we can try to beat it before deciding to sell it. You can’t go wrong when you choose GivemetheVIN as your buyer. Here are some things you can expect from our team:

Easy Online Process:

Knowledgeable Experts:
We'll Beat Any Offer!:

At GMTV, we’ve established a seamless process for selling your car. Selling your car for cash in Chicago has never been easier!

Just enter some quick details and we can process your deal within the day, and you’ll receive an offer within a few minutes. 

Sell your car from the comfort of your home—no salespeople, no fussy buyers. Just fill out our form, and you’ll hear from us within the hour!

When it comes to the used car market in Chicago, no one is more reliable than GivemetheVIN! We have a deep understanding of the Chicago used car market and are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best deal for your car.

Count on us to guide you through a seamless process and secure the best deal available for selling your car in Chicago today.


You can always count on us to give competitive offers for deserving cars. We rarely need to negotiate since clients are often happy with our first bid, but we are always open to continuing the conversation about the price of the car.

Our team will offer you a fair assessment of your vehicle, ensuring you receive the optimal price for your car.

If you’ve received a quote from a competitor, we’re ready to match or surpass that quote, providing you with an even better deal for your vehicle.

Feel free to send a counteroffer and engage in negotiations. We commit to collaborating with you to secure the best deal possible.

Selling your car online on your own: time - consuming, stressful, and hard.

After years in the wholesale auto industry, we became familiar with the challenges of selling used cars. It was a long and tiring process that often ended in disappointing conclusions. This is why we created an alternative way that makes the selling experience much more straightforward. GivemetheVIN’s processes were specially made for your convenience. Once you send in the car’s details, our team will reach out to you within the day to give you an offer for your vehicle.

Phone being hacked by an internet scam

Selling your car online with GivemetheVin: fast, easy, and lucrative!

Selling a car independently is fraught with challenges and potential scams that unsuspecting sellers may encounter. One common issue is the prevalence of scams by buyers who may use fraudulent payment methods, and ask for access to your personal information. It’s also difficult to verify the legitimacy of potential buyers. Additionally, navigating the complex process of paperwork, negotiating prices, and ensuring a smooth transaction can be overwhelming.

Its important to consider alternative, more secure avenues, such as GiveMeTheVin’s reputable online platforms and professional car-buying service, to streamline the selling process and minimize the risk of falling victim to scams.

What Our Customers Say

Tips On Selling Your Car in Chicago

  1. Do some digging on the current state of the used car market in Chicago.

  2. Gather recommendations from friends and family to look for credible buyers.

  3. Leverage the power of the internet to search for buyers in your area.

  4. Build a list and narrow down your options by reading reviews.

  5. Choose the used car buyer that has completed many successful transactions.

  6. Fully disclose the condition of your car to avoid delays and fees.

  7. Negotiate their offer if it isn’t the price you were expecting.

  8. Choose whether you’ll let them pick up the vehicle or you’ll deliver it to them. 

  9. Finalize the deal.

  10. Get paid.

How Do I Sell My Car Fast in Chicago?

Selling your car online in Chicago has never been easier or more efficient than with GivemetheVIN (GMTV). As the premier platform for online car sales, GMTV ensures a hassle-free experience that values both your time and your vehicle’s worth. Submit your car’s details, including the VIN and condition, to quickly receive a certified offer. This streamlined approach bypasses the traditional hassles of dealership negotiations and private buyer discussions, offering a clear and straightforward pathway to determine your car’s value and secure the best possible price.

GMTV is recognized as the best site to sell a car online, especially in the bustling market of Chicago. Its user-friendly interface and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction make it the go-to website to sell cars. If you’re in the market to upgrade or simply curious about your vehicle’s worth, GMTV provides an instant cash offer based on detailed vehicle information, highlighting the platform’s transparency and reliability.

The convenience of the GMTV process, supported by positive car reviews, guarantees that you receive a competitive and fair offer for your car, distinguishing GMTV as the ultimate choice for anyone looking to sell their car online in Chicago. Whether you’re looking to sell your car online, trade in your car online, or find the best online site to sell your car, GMTV offers a seamless solution, solidifying its position as the best website to sell a car. Choose GMTV for an effortless and rewarding experience in selling your car online.

FAQs about selling your car in Chicago, IL

Every state in the U.S. has a sales tax, but it is the buyer’s responsibility to pay this, not the seller’s.

No other used car buyer in Chicago has the same experience as GivemetheVIN. So choose us and experience our quick and hassle-free processes.

GivemetheVIN will pay you as quickly as two days when you are selling your car for cash. Of course, delays may occur, but we always aim to close transactions in less than a week. Selling your car independently could take up to six weeks or more!

Visit is the best place to sell your car for cash in Chicago. We are one of the few buyers conducting our transitions online or over the phone.

Please send in your car’s 17-digit VIN, multiple photos of your car’s interior and exterior, and a detailed description. In addition, please disclose everything about your vehicle, including dents or the lack of title. We still accept cars that require bodywork, and our team will walk you through the options to have your title replaced.

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