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Sell your car to GivemetheVIN for a stress-free and hassle-free car-selling experience. All you need to do is enter your 17-digit VIN or license plate number to get an offer from our team. No haggling of prices. No unnecessary sales talk. Just a swift and straightforward process that exceeds expectations. Selling your car online has never been easier with GivemetheVIN.

How Selling Your Car To GivemetheVIN Works

Selling your car doesn’t need to be stressful, we make it simple!

1. Get the Offer


To make a deal, all you need to do is to enter your car’s VIN, its mileage and your zip code. Alternatively, you can enter your license plate information instead. However, if you don’t have those details, you can enter your vehicle type, year, make, model and trim. In addition, you need to send pictures of your vehicle. Then, our team can get back to you within the same business day with an offer for your car. We make it a priority to be quick in communication so we can help you sell your car online fast!

2. We Pick-up or You Deliver


After an offer is made and a price is agreed upon, you can choose to deliver your car or have our team pick up your vehicle at a designated location. GMTV has offices in multiple locations nationwide.


We can send our onsite team to meet with you to pick up your car if there’s no onsite office near you. GivemetheVIN strives to make selling your car online hassle-free.


3. Close the Deal


Our team will meet with you on the pickup date to inspect your vehicle.

 If everything checks out according to the condition of your car, we can sign your check and have you paid to complete the transaction. “Is it really this simple to sell my car online?” It is indeed with GMTV.

Why Should I Sell My Car Online If I Live in Charlotte, NC?

“Yes it’s true – we’ll pay you $100 for the last look on your car!”

Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised after closing a deal with GiveMeTheVIN. Some even begin the process with a healthy skepticism but eventually become our best customers after discovering that our offer is 100% legit.

GMTV has over 28 years of industry experience. For this reason, our team of experts can provide an honest valuation of your car and make you a good offer.

Online Selling Process::

We Can Buy Cars With Payoffs::

We Can Beat Someone Else’s Offer::

At GMTV, we have created a simple, seamless process for selling your car online. As a result, selling your car online for cash has never been easier. We can process your deal within the day if you have all the necessary documentation and contact you with an offer within a few minutes. In addition, you can send a counteroffer and negotiate your car’s price.

Sellers with loans on their vehicles often find it difficult to sell their cars. At GMTV, we can buy cars that still have payoffs on them, usually at 50% or more. Depending on the loan conditions, we can offer you an amount over the cost so you can still make money out of the deal. The majority of funds will be used to pay off the loan, and the remainder will be sent to you. We want to make selling your car online a smooth process for you.

Our team will give you an honest valuation of your vehicle, and we’ll try to provide you with a good price for your car. If a competitor has given you a quote, we can try to match or beat that quote and still offer you a better deal for your vehicle. GMTV strives to be the best website to sell your car.

What Our Customers Say

Tips On Selling Your Car in Charlotte

  • Research the Fort Worth car market

  • Find out the market price of your car. Consider GMTV for selling your car online.

  • Investigate the best used car buyers in Fort Worth

  • Select a buyer that has a track record of successful transactions

  • Find a buyer that pays with live checks for faster cashouts

  • Verify the credibility of the used car buyer by reading reviews

  • Negotiate the price

  • Communicate any issues with your car 

  • Select a pickup date and time

  • Close the sale

Why is GivemetheVIN The Best Website To Sell My Car Online?

In the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, GMTV stands out as the choice for those looking to sell their cars online, offering an unrivaled blend of convenience, speed, and reliability. Its user-friendly platform sets GMTV apart in the bustling Charlotte market, which simplifies the car-selling process to just a few clicks. Residents appreciate the ease with which they can receive a fair, competitive offer for their vehicle without the traditional stress of haggling with dealerships or navigating the uncertainties of private sales. Why spend days or even weeks trying to sell your car the old-fashioned way when GMTV can provide a swift, secure transaction, ensuring you get the best possible price for your vehicle in Charlotte?

GMTV’s reputation in Charlotte, North Carolina, as the best website to sell your car online is further proved by its commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency. The process is straightforward:

Enter your car’s details.

Receive an instant offer.

Complete the sale, often within the same day.

How many services offer the convenience of selling your car from the comfort of your own home with the assurance that you’re getting a fair deal? With GMTV, Charlotte residents can enjoy a hassle-free experience that prioritizes their needs, making it the clear choice for anyone looking to sell their car online quickly and efficiently.

FAQ in Charlotte, NC

Buyers in North Carolina are obligated to pay a 3% sales tax for all vehicle purchases. This tax, also known as the Highway Use Tax, funds the maintenance work necessary for state roads.

Not every buyer in Charlotte can give you the best offer for your vehicle. Some of them can only offer at fair market value. The best online car buyer is one that can give you a better deal and provide you with an easy and seamless transaction.

It can take around 26 to 34 days to sell your car in Charlotte, NC. At GMTV, we use a simple online sales procedure. If you submit all the necessary paperwork, we will give you an offer within 30 minutes and complete the transaction within a few days.

North Carolina regulations require sellers to provide valid proof of identification, vehicle maintenance records, a lien release, the vehicle’s title and odometer disclosure.

You can have your car listed in different car marketplaces or sell it online. At GMTV, you can sell your vehicle through our portal, and we can give you an offer within the day.

First, have all the necessary paperwork done. Next, you need to get an accurate valuation of your vehicle. After that, you have the option to have your car listed in various marketplaces. You can also work with different car dealers so they can find a buyer for your vehicle. The process can take several days or weeks, depending on various factors.

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